Hi, I'm Melissa and I'm so pleased you've stopped by. 

I am a Wellbeing Coach, super passionate about people living their most authentic, fulfilling life.

A life they absolutely LOVE, that is bursting with purpose, passion, and meaning.

All that I do is grounded in positive psychology, as I believe this is where true wellness lies.

Wellness means different things to each of us, and it is my mission to help you discover what wellness means, looks, and feels like to you.

Wellness to me means being authentic. Living on purpose. Living in the moment. Following my flow. Doing what feels good. Swimming in the ocean. Eating delicious food. Laughing with family and friends. Reading on the beach. And rocking out in my car.

In addition to my private coaching practice, I also have the honour of being part of the team at the Starlight Children's Foundation. I have worked at Starlight for six years, specialising in Learning & Development, after gaining a degree in Human Resources Management. My role is focused on supporting team members to grow and develop, so Starlight can continue to grow and develop, and achieve amazing impacts for sick kids and their families across Australia.

All that we do at starlight is built upon a foundation of positive psychology. Since gaining my qualifications in Wellbeing Coaching through Wellness Coaching Australia, I have had the privilege of supporting the Starlight team to thrive. I co-facilitate positive psychology workshops after learning from Dr Suzy Green, Founder of the Positivity Institute, and Australia's most prominent Positive Psychologist. In these workshops, I empower team members to apply the principles of positive psychology to their own life so they can truly flourish. In addition to this, I coach team members 1:1 through my 12 week wellness coaching program. 

I truly hope to connect with you and empower you to achieve true fulfilment, and to live a life you completing freaking LOVE.