Design your very own retreat

Retreats are a true opportunity to check in and chill out.

An opportunity to reflect and reconnect to your most true authentic self.

An opportunity to gain great clarity on your life, and to walk away equipped with the awareness and knowledge you need to support your highest level of wellbeing. 

I specialise in private Wellness Retreats for up to 10 people.

Whilst I have retreat locations and programs I can recommend; I also design my retreats around the desires of the group. If you have a dream location in mind, or specific things you'd like to focus on, just let me know and I can make it happen!

I combine my Wellness Coaching & Workshops, along with a variety of other holistic therapies thanks to my amazing group of conscious, connected and creative peeps. Additions can can include, yoga, meditation, massage therapy, fitness, and integrative healing. 

Click on Contact Me to enquire about arranging a retreat for you and a group of your favourites.

P.s. Got a bridal shower coming up? I also run weekend Wellness Retreats! Click on Contact Me to find out more.